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The Space Between

And it begins. This is an idea for an opening track to a concept album I've been thinking about. With this song, I wanted to create the sensation of what it feels like to be alone and closed off, but still wanting to open up to let someone else into your life. How there is beauty in that solitude, but also a sadness. It's not really trying to convey an inspirational feeling - more of an attempt to capture the feeling in it's natural state.

I like the string sections on here - it creates a movie score feel which goes along with the fact that the album will in essence be telling a story. This track will set the timbre for the album, but also allow for later contrast against it as the other songs will be more upbeat to a degree.

The Space Between

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  1. # Blogger m-adkins

    Early in, reminded me of the "mission"-era morricone. That's not a bad thing...  

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