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Out with the old in with new

People have been asking where the photos are, and the truth is I don't know yet! In this new incarnation of the website I'm still unsure as to the best way to post shots. My options include:

  • Posting directly through blogger, using the Lightbox javascript to handle slideshows
  • Posting via Flickr which would be fun to do using the Flock browser capabilities, but I only get 20MB of uploads a month
  • Posting via Google's Picasa, but I feel a bit too wired into Google's world right now (already using their personalised homepage, Docs & Spreadsheets and Gmail!
  • Using iWeb on my Macbook to generate pages with built in slide-shows, but that won't match the look & feel of this site

In the end I'll most likely wind up going with the blogger interface.

For old batches of photos:

The last incarnation of my photoblog
The one before that (where the bulk of the photos are)

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