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Help me solve a mystery

Yesterday in the mail I received a package addressed to my home with no return address. In it was the key pictured here and a printed letter, addressed to me. The letter begins:
"You have probably already noticed that this is not an ordinary piece of correspondence. You have been selected to participate in a real-world mystery game."
It continues to explain that the item I have, in my case the key, is a clue that leads to the name of the person with the following clue, and that I need to start snooping to find out who'`s the next person, and what it all means!

The typeface on the key is slightly smudged, but as far as I can make out is spells squalloopi.
The letter also has a bizarre graphic at the upper left-hand corner, that turns out to be a matrix called QR code that can be decoded.

I'm conducting my own research, but so far I have come up with nothing. This is intriguing as hell, and I can use your help!
  • Did you also receive a clue in the mail? Let's join forces to figure this out.
  • Do you know how to read QR code?
  • Any suggestions of avenues to search down for clues are welcomed!
Leave me any info in the comments section. I'll continue to post if I make any headway. Signing out - secret agent lippy

p.s. This is NOT an April Fool's related joke, like yesterday's!

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11 Responses to “Help me solve a mystery”

  1. # Blogger rebecca

    it might be the devil  

  2. # Anonymous lsg

    The Internet Anagram Server says...."Quail's Polo". And there you have it.  

  3. # Anonymous Julie

    Loops Aqui! sloop aqui? Loola quips? Soap quoill.  

  4. # Anonymous Sara

    pIt was not me. Randerson works for Polo. Maybe she sent it.  

  5. # Blogger Matt

    I hope it's not the devil! While Quail's Polo is a great phrase (and possibly the name of my next band), I'm not sure where to go from there.

    I have also tried holding the key in the mirror - no luck.

    Keep 'em coming gang!  

  6. # Blogger D

    well, it's also an anagram of aqui pollos in spanish. 'chickens here'. i can't see how that would be helpful, but there you have it.  

  7. # Blogger D

    or more entertainingly into a latin phrase translating to 'whom Lip nourish' or 'whom nourish Lip'  

  8. # Anonymous Sara

    I hope it has something to do with "squail" - look it up. :)  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you dont want to know what it means  

  10. # Blogger Amanda Lipstein

    I am afraid I am going to lose my husband to some cult. Is this how Scientologists recruit?  

  11. # OpenID AUDINKLE

    couldn't agree with Amanda more! cult. gives me a creepy feeling....  

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