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And we're back...

It has been quite a few days since my last post, and I have a hunch I wont be back into the swing of it until next week. A brief recap of what's been cooking (mostly meat):

  • Been on vacation from work since 12/22. SWEET!
  • Went to NJ to do Xmas with some family friends. Had some delicious home-brewed beer and short ribs.
  • Left the day after for a week down in Texas. Did Fort Worth (that's Fort Fun to you and me), then went down for a few days to Austin (which was totally awesome). Most of my time in Texas was spent looking at the wide open sky, feeling warm and consuming a ton of beef, including some of the tastiest ribs I ever did done tasted.
  • Came back to the city and did New Year's with friends at La Lunetta. Tasty and good times.
  • I'll be trying to catch up with Oscar contenders, and for a start went to check out The Departed. Very well shot and incredible acting and writing (Alec Baldwin has done it again!)
  • Currently watching the new Miami Vice movie. So far - just eh.

Will be signing off for a few more days, check you later skaters.


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