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Nursery - Initial Builds 2 and 3

As we move closer to June 1st, Amanda & I are working on getting the nursery all set up. These photos are from Nursery Builds 2 and 3. When the baby comes it will be Nursery 1.0. Expect further enhancements and bug fixes in future iterations of Nursery.

Check out Nursery Build 1 here.

Nursery Build 2

Those shelves proved to be the most difficult piece of the puzzle yet!

Bird mobile looking tight. A wedding (yes wedding) gift from Molly F.

The red coral rug really brings the room together. They called me sexy gams Lipstein in college.

Nursery Build 3

The shelves take on a new look when filled out with stuff.

What's up Henley?

The Ostrich. Even though it's flat on the wall, it has a lot of depth when looking at it.

Getting there!

Hand-made crib bedding courtesy of Moomer (Amanda's talented mother)

Light Off

Light On

Play ball!

Some of my posts are tender. Some of my posts are rants.

And sometimes, just sometimes, I'll serve up something like this:

Originally found on, well,

The Belvedere 2009 Food Competition

The 2009 Belvedere Food Competition from Matthew Lipstein on Vimeo.

All the details for the Food Competition at this year's Belvedere party in Brooklyn.

This is just one element of what is always a great day. See you on May 2nd!


Lookin good

Some changes were made to my ability to blog from my iPhone. Testing
with this post and figured this photo is as good as any.

We're going to be on the radio!

You may remember Amanda & I had a special afternoon listening to the unreleased Sufjan Stevens song. Well the story of how this whole situation came to be is being broadcast today on NPR's Studio360 program!

You can also download the podcast on iTunes or listen to the episode on the Studio360 website.

Using up a few moments of our 15 minutes of fame.

The old How's your Father

It seems like high time for a general checking in and a good ol' how's your father:

• Amanda is now about 8 months pregnant and looking and feeling good. The midwife says everything is right on track and we're getting more and more excited for our June 1st delivery date!

• We went down to the Dominican Republic for vacation a few weeks ago. It was really relaxing - we stayed at a no-kids resort (our last chance!) The weather was dodgy on days, but it didn't stop Amanda from lying out by the pool, or me from enjoying a 9:30am Coco Loco.

Yeah, I said it.

• The following week was all about getting the apartment ready for the baby. We emptied what had been simply known as the "back room" and then painted the walls to transform it into "the Nursery". I also assembled the changing table. All this activity made me feel very much like a father to be. Amanda accuses me of nesting, but I disagree.

• It's official: come this July I'll be moving on to a new technology job at the Spence School! It's been a great run at Montessori, but this is a welcome change. And, you know, I like grouping major life events within a few weeks of each other. It's good for the system.

• We started our birthing class with BKLYN Birth, which was good. It's 5 sessions so there's lots left to learn. We also had a 4-hour orientation at the Birthing Center we're hoping to use. Very educational.

• Tonight we're off to my folk's house for the first night of Pesach (Passover to all the goys in the crowd tonight). I'm hoping to raid my dad's vinyl collection because...

• I have a DJ gig on the books for Saturday April 25th at Last Exit - flier and details to follow, but mark your calendars now.

• There's rumor of another Belvedere gig in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

• This Friday we'll be going to the Loser's Lounge show featuring the music of Ms. Dolly Parton. Very excited as I've never been to a Loser's tribute show, or to Joe's Pub. I'll report back with details.

• And lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer up some link or video to keep you happy. I'm going to give you this little gem - a parody of those NY Times Weekender ads.

The runner up to share was this video compilation of Mariah Carey high notes. If you're looking for 6 and a half minutes of goodness, click the link.

Hope all is well and stupidfresh with all of you out there. Talk soon.


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