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Lock it up

Just some repition at the gym


On marc & sheri's reccomendation we went to see Fuerzabruta last
week. In a word it was scrumptulecent! Highly reccomended.
It's a world where floating dancers exist mere inches above you.

Lake George Pics are up...

Click on over to the Photos page to see shots from our recent log cabin vacation and a video of Bella acting like a real dog!

Gondry - denied!

At 6:40 I read that michel gondry was speaking at the soho apple
store. Having an "I live in new york" moment, I hopped on my
skateboard and made it there just in time.

Just in time to stand very far away and not be able to see him that
is. After twenty minutes it just got too hot and crowded to go on.
You've won this time gondry, but the war ain't over.

Time to hang up my needles?

I know I haven't been out in the clubs hitting the ones & twos in while. And due to space constraints in the homestead, there hasn't been much practicing on my scratch technique. While I feel I still have mad skillznillz, when I see a video like the one below I start wondering if it's even worth going wicky-wicky anymore.

I believe the children are our future, treat them well and let them scratch the way.

This video comes courtesy of Rebecca via The Shamblers website.


Here's lookin' at you

Spotted this guy at the Bergen street F-stop a few days ago.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008, or as we've been calling it - "The Ocho" Last night was a good time, hit up a few parties and got loose to ring in the new year.

What a year 2007 was: got engaged, moved in with Amanda, got married, went to Belize, got a new niece (Cory Jordan) and cheered on my friends as people got married, had babies, made job switches in their lives or otherwise made all-around positive moves.

Here's to wishing you all a happy new year, and all good things in The Ocho.


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