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no leg to stand on

For those of us who blog, don't we all wish we were posting more than we do? For instance, on my other site A Picture's Worth we update the week's word every Sunday. Each week I intend to put a post up here to let you know, but rarely does it come to fruit.

You can find quite a few posts on my site that begin with "Haven't posted in a while" or something to that effect. So my fine feathered friends, how do you overcome procrastination?

Head on over to A Picture's Worth where this week's word is: random

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True Love is simple

I saw this photo online today.

Now I am posting it on Stupidfresh.

I love this photo.



What's behind door number three?

I am always bookmarking websites and blog posts that I intend to share here on the Fresh, but either I spaz and never get to it, or the information is stale by the time I'm ready to post it. Or these are excuses for being periodically lazy and busy.

In an effort to get these pages to you, and to have a spot of fun , I offer you a list of blind links. No descriptions, no indication what you might be getting. Just a sampling of what's been looking good to me recently.

Door # 1
Door # 2
Door # 3
Door # 4
Door # 5
Door # 6
Door # 7
Door # 8

Have fun with it! Put a shell in it!


Linky McLink Link

If you look closely in the right-column of this page you'll see I've added two new links . Been meaning to do it for a while but you know - sometimes you get all caught up checking out Living Tables and before you know it it's time for bed.

In any event, here's more details on these websites:

Infinite Regress is a site run by my man Tim. It's a melange of posts about everything but has running themes of technology, baseball and many pictures of meat he's eaten recently. Always interesting stuff here, including Tim's 10 best burgers of 2006. See if your favorite made the list!.

I've posted before about Rebecca's Drawing Game Challenge. Each month she chooses a topic and forces herself to complete an illustration of that topic on the daily. We've seen Birds, Robots, and now we're up to Bugs. Check in everyday to see what she's up to, and maybe even challenge yourself!

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A Diamond in the Rough

As you could guess, Amanda & I have been pretty occupied with wedding planning. We're now under the 3 month mark, so things are really going into high gear.

Doing all this research, I've found myself all over these Internets on sites I never thought I would see before. A lot of it is boring, no need to share examples here. It's actually surprising how many vendors have poorly designed sites that look like their coming straight out of 1998.

However - I have found a diamond in the rough. One night I was lucky enough to find what could be the greatest website and wedding concept going.

Living Tables!
Apparently people are outfitted with tables attached to them so they can go around and serve drinks or appetizers to guests. But wait - there's more! They will also dress up in a theme or as a celebrity as well.

As if that weren't enough, they also have a full range of Heads Only coming though tables. My goodness - the options are limitless!

Too bad their not based in Texas or you may have seen the Carmen Miranda table walking around. I may have to use them for an NYC party soon!

Don't postpone joy:


Kriss Kross will make you...

Oh the internet. What can't you do? I love finding sites that harken back to the big dumb internet of 1997. fits this bill.

Pictures of people jumping on hotel beds. Period.

Check it out!


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