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We are family

New word up at A Pictures Worth this week. I'll spoil the surprise and let you know it's: Family

This shot shows the family that can be created when Teen Wolf is hanging out with a hipster vampire. Together at last.

Head on over and show the world what Family looks like to you!

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no leg to stand on

For those of us who blog, don't we all wish we were posting more than we do? For instance, on my other site A Picture's Worth we update the week's word every Sunday. Each week I intend to put a post up here to let you know, but rarely does it come to fruit.

You can find quite a few posts on my site that begin with "Haven't posted in a while" or something to that effect. So my fine feathered friends, how do you overcome procrastination?

Head on over to A Picture's Worth where this week's word is: random

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A Picture's Worth: New Word Posted

Just because today this particularly Sunday is Xmas eve doesn't mean the work stops over at A Picture's Worth... This week's word has been posted and it is:


Fire up them cameras, dig in your photo archives and submit some shots!

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New Weekly Word

Surf on by A Picture's Worth for the week's new word which is:


Get creative and submit some shots Ace!

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New Word Posted

Over at A Picture's Worth, a new word has been posted for this week (as it is every Sunday).

This week's word is : twist

Get inspired and submit some photography!

Shown here is a shot featuring yours truly and D Lils.

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