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Subway Station Murder Mystery

Straight from Gothamist, also seen in TimeoutNY:

According to the 31 Down website, until October of this year there will be some mystery theater happening underground. Not so much the mystery of when your train will arrive, but an interactive murder mystery. It's set in the Canal Street subway station, picked for its noir feel, and features Tajna Tanovic and Mike Sharpie.

All you have to do to participate is call Toll Free 1-877-OR-WHAT-31 (1-877-679-4283) from any pay phone inside the turnstiles of Canal Street Station (at the NQRW, 6, and JMZ platforms, NOT THE A C E Station)...and your mystery will begin!

The NY Post reports that "more clues to the murder can be found in the walls and doors of the cavernous tunnels connecting the lines." That sounds sort of creepy.

Sounds like Silver

If you love the new LCD Soundsystem record (I know I do), you'll probably enjoy the unofficial remix album already online and free to download.

Check it:


Web 2. Oh!

This 5 minute video shows a great history of Internet development through web2.0 and raises some interesting thoughts as to where we are going. Great food for thought.

"The Machine is Us/ing Us"
by Michael Wesch

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Daft Punk Links

Some great Daft Punk videos to get you energized for the shows this summer:

This one minute video shows a small smattering of where Daft Punk got their samples from. Who knew they were borrowing such large chunks form other sources? House beats make everything sound good.

For a full list of Daft Punk samples check here. Thanks to Dro for the heads up.

A mash-up of people doing the Charleston dance set to "Around The World" by Daft Punk:

I hate acapella music. No really - it's irritating. However this rendition of Harder, Better, Better, Faster, Stronger makes me only want to beat them up a little bit.

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Live in NYC? Go see some music!

There is no feeling quite like the rush of the Spring concert season. This year's lineup has got me all tingly! Here are some highlights:

LCD Soundsystem - Bowery Ballroom - 4/1
Ratatat - Webster Hall - 4/18
Hot Chip - Webster Hall - 4/19
Air - Theater at MSG - 5/10
Bjork - Radio City Music Hall and the Apollo Theater - 5/2 nd 5/8
Daft Punk !!!!! - Keyspan Park - 8/9

I mean Daft Punk. Come on now. Outdoors in Coney Island. Anybody know how to get tix for that shiz?

And I'm going to see Justin Timberlake on Tuesday in Philly. No shame in my game.

New LCD Soundsystem

The new LCD Soundsystem record "Sound of Silver" dropped today. Leader James Murphy (as in the band leader, not my leader - although he may as well be) is hoping to hit the Top 40 charts and he's encouraging fans to buy the album this week to help bolster the sales.

I bought my copy from Virgin Megastore tonight for $10 - CHEAP!

You can listen to samples on their site here.

And because I loves ya', here is my favorite track, in full right here on Stupidfresh:

LCD Soundsystem - Time to Get Away

I would also highly reccomend their live show - they are currently on tour.


While we're at it...

On the old school hip-hop tip, this Madlib track makes more rap references than you know, sucker. Now the video adds a visual to your memories.

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De La Flashback

I remember being 13 years old going into the city and grabbin a copy of the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop Awards issue. De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising swept every category.

I went out the next day and bought a copy - my life (and hip-hop) were changed forever.

Below is a seven minute slice of that. This was straight ripped from Via Big Ranz.

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Senseless Mash-up

Sometimes my favorite mash-ups are the kind that make no sense at all.

I give you Scenes of Johnny from the Karate Kid to the music of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back"

Future Tagging

While were at it, another example that we are making our transition into the future is the work done by the Graffiti Research Lab.

I'm not going to preface this much, other than these graff writers are tagging whole buildings with lasers. LASERS I SAY!

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Are we in the future?

I keep seeing things recently that make me think we are in the future. The Google Books project was one. The possibility of an African-American or female president was another.

But this really takes the cake.

Below is a demo video for the Monome. It's a musical instrument that works off of a computer feed to sequence, cue, loop and trigger music. I'm sorry but the future is now! Watch it.

Info courtesy of The Shamblers via RD.

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Boing Boing Bonanza

I've been flagging a ton of posts on Boing Boing "A Directory of Wonderful Things". And now, those links will be yours!

Personal vehicles on abandoned light rail tracks

Horror remix of When Harry Met Sally

Photos of people wearing fezzes

Pulp Fiction as typography

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Fresh Sounds from Old Friends

All the bands you love have been putting out new music recently Here are a few cuts you may be interested in.

The Magic Numbers - This is a Song

This is the year for The Magic Numbers. Their first album was critically acclaimed, but didn't do a whole lot to crossover. When you listen to this first single from their upcoming sophomoric release, you can instantly recognize the genius. The songwriting is tighter than ever, and the playing is markedly better. Love that bass.

Air - Once Upon a Time

Our favorite French band is back again. If you liked their other music you'll be sure to enjoy this lead single from their new album, Pocket Symphony.

LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

YES! I straight-up love LCD, and am pretty pumped about their new record Sound of Silver. This track has been getting mixed reviews on the Internets. I think it's important to keep in mind that James Murphy is an ironic bastard. And he makes damn good music.


Fly bird, fly!

Saw this great piece of art on 12th street today while walking around the neighborhood.

Lot's of posts about to go up. Drink them in - they always go down smooth!

For starters, photos from our last Texas trip are up including shots of chicken fried steak, animals and the venue where we're getting married!

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