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Festival of Colors

I check in on the website The Big Picture religiously (or should I say it checks in with me via my Google Reader.) The site is billed as "News stories in photographs", and the work they post is nothing short of amazing. Not only is the technical photo work top notch, it makes the events/stories/places they cover come to life in a way words could never convey.

Today's submission is coverage of the Holi Festival of Colors in India. From the site:
Last Wednesday (March 11th), people in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. What that translates to in action is an enthusiastic dropping of inhibitions, as people chase each other and playfully splash colorful paint, powder and water on each other. People also attend bonfires to commemorate the story of Prahlada, a Hindu figure and devout follower of Lord Vishnu who prevailed over his father and the demoness Holika with the power of his devotion.
Have a look at the photo spread and get inspired.

Kutiman - The Mother of all Funk Chords

Welp, this is it. This is the next step in the evolution of video, music, cut & paste, collaboration (intentional or not), copyright law, and creativity. All wrapped up in a tidy 3 minute 36 second video.

Kutiman has taken dozens of unrelated Youtube clips showing people playing individual instruments and layered them all together to create a wholly new song. And it is in tune no less! Of course, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is the drummer selected for this project. I myself have spent hours watching his drum lessons on the 'Tube.

I've been waiting for a Youtube clip to become available - previously this was only available on Kutiman's own thru-tube website (and still is.)

As you watch, think of what has led to this point: Double Dee & Steinski splicing 1/4" tape together to make their legendary "Lessons" records, DJ Shadow making the first all sample based album "Endtroducing", the evolution of online user submitted video (crowdsourcing anyone?), creative commons licenses to allow for the fair and legal sharing and remixing of content.

And the song just plain rocks too. Which is dope.

Even though there are a plethora of links to this, I first saw it on 43 Folders.

Brush & Rinse Toothbrush

So simple so brilliant. A toothbrush that has a divot on the back of its head so you can angle water to your mouth to rinse with.

And CHEAP! $1.18.


Aaron Meshon + Kid Robot = Awesome

I'm SO excited for my friend Aaron Meshon and his new project with KidRobot. This is a straight re-post, with permission, form the MSLK Reactions blog. They said it best so here is what they said:

Are you a fan of Aaron Meshon’s cute and clever illustrations? Have you caught the Kid Robot crush sweeping the country? If not, you are missing out. Aaron, our friend, colleague, and regular on the MSLK blog, has permanently solidified his status as world renown illustrator (at least in my mind). Aaron, was invited by Kid Robot, the worlds hottest purveys of collectible art and toys, to bring some of his quirky characters to life as 3D accessories, zipper pulls to be exact.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Kid Robot collectible zipper pulls, since their emergence at the 2006 Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Triennial. The pulls come in a mystery box, an Asian phenomenon, where for a small amount of money you purchase one of their collectibles in a box knowing the designer, and/or series, you are purchasing, but not necessarily what is inside. The mystery or surprise adds to the joy of this affordable luxury and some items are rarer than others which keeps fans coming back for more.

To me zipper pulls add an engaging “practical” element to concept of a mystery box because there’s actually something you can do with the end tchatchke. Plus everything is cuter in miniature. Changes are if you spot me wearing a jacket or hoodie with a zipper a Kid Robot pull will be dangling from it.

Aaron’s creations are some of my favorite characters from his professional work over the years including, the happy pills, the ice cream cones, and buildings, all very prevalent in Aaron’s work.

I even love the packaging, and Aaron’s clever tagline, “Let’s Hang.”

I suggest hanging out with a few of these cuties quickly before they are gone, remember limited edition means while supplies last here!!


The Best Website Ever

I'm cool with my level of hyperbole and gross generalization. You may not be. None of this changes the fact that this is undoubtedly the best website ever.

Thanks Marc.

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