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Heading home

Waiting in lax for our plane to bring us back to Nyc. This is going to
be a redeye flight so Monday has the potential to be a ROUGH one.

Great trip all around as you may have intimated from the weeks photos.
There will be a slideshow posted soon.

See you back in the city!

Kaiser cartel

Seeing kaiser cartel at the hotel cafe in L. A.

Good times

Giant martinis = giant good times

Breakfast and broadcasters

Having a lite breakfast at joan's on third. Anderson Cooper of CNN
just walked by. Just another morning on L. A.

Kicking it... the convertible. I love L.A.

Off to L.A.

On the airtrain about to hop a flight to the city of lost angels.
Amanda's already out in San fran and we're meeting at lax. It will
feel nice to get some sun on my face and not think about real estate
for a week. I'll be posting photos and updates when I can. See you soon!

Siberian Trainer

Ok - This is a bit out of left field. Rebecca knows this girl through some connection or other (you know how these viral connections work), and she directed me to this Film (note the use of the word film rather than movie.

I love it. Do you love it? Let yourself get at least a minute into it before you click away. You'll be entranced!


4 train 4:08pm

Monday afternoon ftrain

The start of the week is hard on all of us.

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Two for one!

Then this guy was right across from me on the same train as the last

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Sleepers, sleepers everywhere

Mere hours after I started the trend, I spotted this guy next to me on
an uptown 3 train around 1015 pm.

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Subway sleeper student

Hitting the books so hard can put you to sleep!


Subway Sleepers

I've started taking photos of people sleeping on the subway. With the
iPhone you can be fairly ingonito. It feels fairly voyeuristic, and it
happens more often than you think.

This will be an ongoing thread here on the 'fresh.

I present to to you, Sleeper One.

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Rube Goldberg/website Mashup

This one come courtesy of the Bex. She sent me this link to an amazing website that gets the ol' Rube Goldberg treatment.

Check it:

Click and get ready for shiz to get live.


Computer Geeks Are Sexy (really though)

This is from a post a few weeks old from Boing Boing, but I just couldn't resist.

For all you ladies who still think that "jock" is where it's at, and "nerds" have nothing to offer in the sexy department I offer this pictorial:

Yuppers - that's our good friend Steve Jobs of Apple up top, and multi-billionaire Bill Gates on bottom. Even in the 80s, pre- black turtleneck or world domination (respectively), these two were straight pimpin' baby!

Insert intro to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" here.


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