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Great Minds - Asleep on the subway

Devotees of Stupidfresh will remember a small string of photo posts last Spring dedicated to people who fall asleep on the subway.

Reading through Gothamist posts yesterday I come to find there is a website devoted to that exact subject : . After an initial wave of disturbance that they stole my idea (*half kidding*), I decided if you can't beat 'em join 'em!

Here are my shots they chose to use on their site.

Go ahead and take some of your own and send them on over.


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Long time no sleep

4train 1:13pm


4 train 4:08pm

Monday afternoon ftrain

The start of the week is hard on all of us.

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Two for one!

Then this guy was right across from me on the same train as the last

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Sleepers, sleepers everywhere

Mere hours after I started the trend, I spotted this guy next to me on
an uptown 3 train around 1015 pm.

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Subway sleeper student

Hitting the books so hard can put you to sleep!


Subway Sleepers

I've started taking photos of people sleeping on the subway. With the
iPhone you can be fairly ingonito. It feels fairly voyeuristic, and it
happens more often than you think.

This will be an ongoing thread here on the 'fresh.

I present to to you, Sleeper One.

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