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Island love

Not bad

It's on

Always good to see a familiar face in the airport. What up chris?

A great way to begin (really!)

I'm sitting on my plane waiting to take off for Dave's wedding in
Puerto Rico. To my happy surprise the display on my seat is scrolling
through Linux error messages!

This could be the mother load of public errors. Its happening on all
the screens. All the people are asking questions and are confused.

Ahh - organized chaos.

Player player

I mean if you are going to go through the trouble of getting rims for
your car, you're going to want the ones that say PLAYER all over them.

This is just fun to see

On atlantic ave

Long time no sleep

4train 1:13pm


Darth Vader is an awesome harmonica player

After not posting for some time, what better way to get back into the groove than this clip. Darth Vader plays harmonica - and nails it. Definitely wait until the 35 second marker - that's when it goes from good to great.


Cafe du monde

Late night

Jam session in new Orleans at the maple leaf club.


To New Orleans!

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