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Take this lying down - Marvin Gaye

I mean, if you're going to sing a deep soul track, you're probably going to want to lie down. And you'll want your bass player to have dookie braids. That's the way Marvin would do it.

This clip is from the documentary "Remember Marvin Gaye" which chronicles the two years Marvin spent living and recording in Belgium (1981-1983). Ranztron and I checked the movie out at BAM a few years ago, and I remember being underwhelmed by the film itself. However, the recording sessions did stick with me and I was pleased as punch to see this clip come up on Soul Sides the other day.

Which brings me to my next question: Are music documentaries for dudes only? Amanda hates most of them and claims it's a boy thing. Early in our relationship I tried to get her to watch the making of Steely Dan's Aja, which is one of the most informative & entertaining documentaries ever made in this dude's opinion.

She hated it.

Is she right? Music & performance docs = boy's club? Hit me back in the comments.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This clip was entertaining to me (girl-type) because I always love the backstory, the character studies, the chemistry stuff between the players... also go for the locker room scenes before and after a big game, a camera panning the goofy interaction among the players in the dugout or on the sideline. Details. Intimacy of the nerd variety. Dirty voyeurism...? Amanda is more a participator than an observer, maybe.  

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