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The Final Countdown

Welp, this is it. My last post before I become a married man. I leave tomorrow for Texas where I'll be married on Saturday to Amanda. While I'm anxious about a lot of the details (if you know me even a little bit that shouldn't surprise you), I am so looking forward to getting married and celebrating with friends and family.

I won't be back in NYC until the end of the month, so bloggy mc blog blog will be going on hold. I'll be sure to get back to it as soon as possible, and am planning some special treats for Stupidfresh's 100th post!

Have a good month - see you on the other side.

Same old song and dance...

[Insert standard comment about not posting as much as I want to here]

Good - now that that's out of the way...

Been investigating different online photo sharing services to get some slide shows uploaded to the photo page. Tonight (post-fireworks) I decided to give Picasa Web Albums a go (further signing on to the Google monster that has taken over my tech life).

If their products just weren't so gosh-darn smooth!

Check the new galleries on the photo page and lemme know what you think about the new interface.

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