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Using one of our fifteen minutes of fame on the 1010Wins website.

Coming home

A full day at the Mermaid Parade. All in between photos to come.


On our way to the mermaid parade!

Metropolitan opera in prospect park

A pleasant night, opera music, and a delicious picnic. Not bad!


A little weirdness spotted on 18th street between 5th & 6th.

Fat Boys Swatch Commercial

Everything about this is perfect.

Thanks to Benge for the link.

Take me out to the ballgame

Perfect night at shea stadium with my neices. Pretty awesome seats too!

Speed Director

Today Amanda, Jeff, Rebecca and myself participated in a game at the Come Out and Play Festival. We joined in on a game called Speed Director. In short the idea for the game is to use NYC as our backdrop to recreate 10 famous movie scenes in still photos. We were given a list of 20, but only had to do 10 and were encouraged to utilize people who were not on our team.

It was a fun and exhausting day - running around, crazy in the heat, trying to find the perfect prop or setting. What a blast!

The photos from all the teams are all being compiled on this website, which will be live after 8pm Sunday. In the meantime, our 10 shots are below - see if you can guess what movies we're trying to recreate! Click on one for a larger image.

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Nice work.

A perfect afternoon...


Amanda is ready to take the controls on the flight on our little plane
back to the mainland!

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