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Speed Director

Today Amanda, Jeff, Rebecca and myself participated in a game at the Come Out and Play Festival. We joined in on a game called Speed Director. In short the idea for the game is to use NYC as our backdrop to recreate 10 famous movie scenes in still photos. We were given a list of 20, but only had to do 10 and were encouraged to utilize people who were not on our team.

It was a fun and exhausting day - running around, crazy in the heat, trying to find the perfect prop or setting. What a blast!

The photos from all the teams are all being compiled on this website, which will be live after 8pm Sunday. In the meantime, our 10 shots are below - see if you can guess what movies we're trying to recreate! Click on one for a larger image.

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4 Responses to “Speed Director”

  1. # Blogger DJ Ranztron

    We got a few:

    When Harry Met Sally
    Forrest Gump
    Indiana Jones
    Rocky (Philly please stand up!)
    Singing in the Rain

    We're stumped on the others.
    Ian, Merri & Judy

    (And yes, you're a big dork.)  

  2. # Anonymous moomer

    Got all of those, plus Lady and the Tramp. Still don't get the last one...nkp  

  3. # Anonymous moomer

    could be War of the Roses if there were a massive chandelier...  

  4. # Blogger Matt

    Last one is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." It was a rushed photo, not one of our best.  

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