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testing the new hotness...

So I picked a new camera about 2 weeks ago (the Canon SD750 for anyone interested) and I've been trying as hard as possible to take a ton of shots. Best way to learn the ins and outs of a new camera is by using it.

Below are a few choice shots.

Brooklyn dude leaning out his window.

Fireman accessing a second floor window and inadvertently touching his shadow.

Sleeping gentlemen in Central Park

Glistening candy apples at a street fair on Mother's Day.

Adorned bicycle in Soho.


A score from halfway around the world

I love records. Like all beat diggers, I have a long list in my head of certain platters that are still on my want-list. These little buggers have alluded me all my life.

Last week I got an email from my eBay notifier that there was a copy of Sandwiches by the Detroit Grand Pubahs available. I've gotten this email before, but it usually led to a posting of a bootleg copy with no original track, or even worse - a CD of the song in question.

But this one was the real deal! It was from a seller in Japan of all places and after a few days of bidding I wound up being the winner. It didn't cost much, but the shipping was twice the purchase price. Totally worth it. It arrived today, Sunday (!) and is spinning on my hi-fi as I type this.

The song is amazing. Year 2000 Electro love, and weird as hell. And would you look at that album cover? A sandwich on a portable turntable. Looks, and sounds, like heaven to me.

Keep dreaming my friends, it can all become reality.


The Final Countdown

As of tomorrow (Saturday) we are at T-minus 6 weeks until the wedding. BAM! We watched a British comedy last night about weddings that Rebecca recommended to em, called Confetti. It was hilarious. I think anyone would enjoy it, but anyone who has gone through the process of having a wedding will certainly identify with this film. Trailer below:


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