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Mint Green

I finally found an hour to go through the last few hundred photos I took this Summer. In the midst of them was this shot taken in Shelter Island. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - the whole thing has a very 70s feel to it.


Stupidfresh's 200th Post!

We done did it - 200 posts!

Oh Stupidfresh, you've been so good to me. It's been quite a ride since my first post on November 13, 2006. Over the past 200 posts we've shared some good times, huh? Let's take a trip down memory lane:

Thanks to everyone who posted comments including friends , visitors and someone named "anonymous." Most of all thanks to all of you who check in regularly with the site. It feels great to know people are keeping up with the 'fresh.

So as a gift to all of us, I feel the best way to explain how excited I am is to share the following video, affectionately known as "The Band is on the Field." Watch until the end - the sportscasters howls match my own excitement about Stupidfresh.
Arguably the best finish in college football history....
November 20, 1982: Stanford has a 20-19 lead with 4 seconds left. Cal uses five lateral passes to return the ensuing kickoff for the winning TD...with the band on the field.

All Points West - pics, flix and Radiohead

A little late on these, but still worth posting I think. A few Saturdays ago we went to see some bands including Radiohead at the All Points West festival in New Jersey. It was a beautiful day with lots of friends and fun.

Here are some choice photos from the day:

I have no idea why a fried egg was there, but thank goodness he was.

Yours truly getting down in the misting dance area.

Beautiful day for a festival.
The Mrs. taking it all in.

Damn straight wearin' gold to the concert!

Who brought these dudes?

When night fell Radiohead took the stage. Their 2 plus hour set was exquisite. The songs were shockingly tight and left little room for spontaneity or improvisation, but that's ok. They still ROCKED and the light show was redunculous. Here are some photos and two videos of their show.



A Little Housekeeping

After receiving a few calls and emails notifying me that Stupidfresh was screwed up, I've since gone and fixed it up. I guess I was a bit bummed that there was a technical glitch, but that was far over shadowed by the fact that people are reading the blog!

I'll spare you the technical mumbo-jumbo except to say that I aligned some millennium crystals and recycled the flux-capacitor and now Stupidfresh is back online and better than ever!

How can this website be better than ever you may ask? Now to access the site you can simply type in :

No more of that annoying screen redirecting you to the /fresh address! In fact if you go there now, you'll get kicked back to!

A small leap for technology, a giant leap for SF. The last thing to do is to update my RSS feeds to make sure they still work.

Now if only I could whittle my number of email addresses down to two or less... A kid's gotta dream huh?

Thanks for your patience through this technical difficulty. Hit you up soon with photos from the weddings we've been to in the last few weeks.

Happy Labor Day!

UPDATE: Had to reset my ClustrMap (check bottom of page.) Old stats had to be deleted, but trust me I had like a billion hits from all over the world.

If you subscribe to Stupidfresh through an RSS reader, you'll need to re-add using this address:

RSS links to the right have been updated.

Lemme know if anything else is acting funky.

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