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Great Minds - Asleep on the subway

Devotees of Stupidfresh will remember a small string of photo posts last Spring dedicated to people who fall asleep on the subway.

Reading through Gothamist posts yesterday I come to find there is a website devoted to that exact subject : . After an initial wave of disturbance that they stole my idea (*half kidding*), I decided if you can't beat 'em join 'em!

Here are my shots they chose to use on their site.

Go ahead and take some of your own and send them on over.


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Jumping for Joy

Happy 2009! While Amanda & I were visiting her family in Texas for the holidays, Santa delivered me a new toy. The Canon Rebel XS digital SLR (NERD!)

To test the instant action of the camera, which will prove to be handy when capturing our new baby's magic moments, we took photos of everyone in the family jumping for joy.

Results of said test are below.


Apartment Tour

This is a long overdue tour of our new(ish) apartment in Park Slope. Check the slideshow below or click here for the gallery of images.

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Mint Green

I finally found an hour to go through the last few hundred photos I took this Summer. In the midst of them was this shot taken in Shelter Island. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - the whole thing has a very 70s feel to it.


Back to life - LA Redux

Well, we gave the real life mystery one hell of shot didn't we? As squalloopi fades into the past, we must focus on life as we know it and deal with the present.

So let's begin by heading back to the past!

A few weeks ago Amanda & I hit Los Angeles for a some fun in the sun with a bunch of great friends. Click the link below to check out the pics - I promise there aren't a lot of them. Some highlights include:
L.A. Story - March '08


4 train 4:08pm

Monday afternoon ftrain

The start of the week is hard on all of us.

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Two for one!

Then this guy was right across from me on the same train as the last

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Sleepers, sleepers everywhere

Mere hours after I started the trend, I spotted this guy next to me on
an uptown 3 train around 1015 pm.

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Subway Sleepers

I've started taking photos of people sleeping on the subway. With the
iPhone you can be fairly ingonito. It feels fairly voyeuristic, and it
happens more often than you think.

This will be an ongoing thread here on the 'fresh.

I present to to you, Sleeper One.

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One more time

One more Daft Punk shot from the party...

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Daft Punk is playing in your house...

While it was another barn burner of a weekend (I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead), the highlight was most definitely the Saturday night Halloween party. We hightailed it up to Queens for the MSLK costume party.

That trip to get there is always a long one, so we decided to spice it up by traveling in our costumes. Which of course was the French robot DJs from the future, Daft Punk.

It was a blast riding the rails incognito. We also went totally non-verbal as we communicated with each other and other riders through hand signals and body language.

Other highlights of the weekend were: Darren's birthday dinner in Fort Green, dim sum in Chinatown, and catching Morrissey at the Hammerstein!

Check the slideshow below for more Halloween shots, and see you on Wednesday for the parade.

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Open House NY Rundown

It's Wednesday and I think I may still be tired from this past weekend! It was the 5th annual Open House New York festival and we did it up big. As in big-time. OHNY is a yearly event that opens the doors of some 200 sites that are normally closed to New Yorkers. The locations have an Architecture or Design bent to them, and almost all offer something interesting.

We saw 10 sites over two days, and traversed just as many neighborhoods. I won't go into all the details here, I'll let the photo set on this page do the talking. However I will indulge with a few highlights:

• We started the weekend by volunteering at a site. Not only does it feel good to give back for a change, it also feels good to get a pin that lets you cut the line at all the other locations! We were switched at the last minute to the Target Community Garden that just opened in Bed-Stuy (do-or-die, Biggie Smalls baby-baby! Uh.) The neighborhood folk were really excited about this beautiful place taking over what had been a lot "filled with crap" as one local explained to me. Nice.

• The Forbes Galleries were the biggest surprise of the weekend. Housed in the Forbes building just below 14th street, these galleries are the private collection of Malcolm Forbes' childhood relics. I have never seen so many odd things in such numbers! There were easily 5,000 toy soldiers alone, each one more mint than the last. The design of the galleries are as unique as the collection. highly recommended.

• Not a stop you'll find in the Open House event guide, but we couldn't pass up a few sesame pancake sandwiches from the Dumpling House on Eldridge. Perfect when on the go, and quite a bargain at 75 cents each!

• The last stop of the weekend was also the most impressive. We rode the tram to Roosevelt Island (see video below) for a special public art project setup on the normally off-limits south side of the island. Yes, this is the area that houses the small pox hospital that burned down. The exhibit was top-notch and the experience was thrilling.

Don't forget to check the full photo set here!


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East Village Then & Now

The sky got weird on Friday night. It was right before the heavens opened up and started a heavy downpour. They tore down the building on 3rd avenue between 6th and 7th. I was walking on Tara Schevenko Alley opposite McSorleys pub and was afforded an amazing view.

This shot shows a little bit of old EV, new EV and a whole lot of weird sky.

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Same old song and dance...

[Insert standard comment about not posting as much as I want to here]

Good - now that that's out of the way...

Been investigating different online photo sharing services to get some slide shows uploaded to the photo page. Tonight (post-fireworks) I decided to give Picasa Web Albums a go (further signing on to the Google monster that has taken over my tech life).

If their products just weren't so gosh-darn smooth!

Check the new galleries on the photo page and lemme know what you think about the new interface.

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testing the new hotness...

So I picked a new camera about 2 weeks ago (the Canon SD750 for anyone interested) and I've been trying as hard as possible to take a ton of shots. Best way to learn the ins and outs of a new camera is by using it.

Below are a few choice shots.

Brooklyn dude leaning out his window.

Fireman accessing a second floor window and inadvertently touching his shadow.

Sleeping gentlemen in Central Park

Glistening candy apples at a street fair on Mother's Day.

Adorned bicycle in Soho.


We are family

New word up at A Pictures Worth this week. I'll spoil the surprise and let you know it's: Family

This shot shows the family that can be created when Teen Wolf is hanging out with a hipster vampire. Together at last.

Head on over and show the world what Family looks like to you!

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no leg to stand on

For those of us who blog, don't we all wish we were posting more than we do? For instance, on my other site A Picture's Worth we update the week's word every Sunday. Each week I intend to put a post up here to let you know, but rarely does it come to fruit.

You can find quite a few posts on my site that begin with "Haven't posted in a while" or something to that effect. So my fine feathered friends, how do you overcome procrastination?

Head on over to A Picture's Worth where this week's word is: random

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True Love is simple

I saw this photo online today.

Now I am posting it on Stupidfresh.

I love this photo.



New Photos Up

Boing Boing Bonanza

I've been flagging a ton of posts on Boing Boing "A Directory of Wonderful Things". And now, those links will be yours!

Personal vehicles on abandoned light rail tracks

Horror remix of When Harry Met Sally

Photos of people wearing fezzes

Pulp Fiction as typography

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Fly bird, fly!

Saw this great piece of art on 12th street today while walking around the neighborhood.

Lot's of posts about to go up. Drink them in - they always go down smooth!

For starters, photos from our last Texas trip are up including shots of chicken fried steak, animals and the venue where we're getting married!

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Texas Holiday Photos Up

Check this page for a full set of shots from my latest trip to Ft. Worth and Austin Texas.

Check out them fancy cowboy boots!

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A Picture's Worth: New Word Posted

Just because today this particularly Sunday is Xmas eve doesn't mean the work stops over at A Picture's Worth... This week's word has been posted and it is:


Fire up them cameras, dig in your photo archives and submit some shots!

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A Moment in Time : 11 Spring

*To see the full set of photos from the 11 Spring event, head over to the photo page*

As mentioned a few days ago right here on this very site, and elsewhere, this last weekend hosted possibly the largest and most diverse showing of Street Art to date.

The abandoned building at 11 Spring Street (on the corner of Elizabeth Street) in Soho has been a touchstone for Street Artists for years. This mega-canvas has hosted work from international street art stars and local graffiti artists alike, with its walls covered in the good, the bad and the ugly .

The mysterious building has been bought recently and the developers will be turning the location into condos - no surprise there. However, the new owners are aware of the buildings artistic significance and wished to celebrate it.

After collaborating with Street Art aficionado group the Wooster Collective, a one weekend only show was conceived, setting up works by artists inside the empty building.

With camera in hand, I went to experience this moment in time.

When I arrived at 11:30 am (the doors opened at 11) the line had already snaked down Elizabeth, clear across Spring, and was about a quarter of the way down the Bowery. I lined up behind a large group of students with a few chaperones. In all, it took about two hours of shuffling along before entering the threshold to the building.

It was nice having that time to appreciate the building and its architecture from the outside - 11 Spring is huge taking up about half of that entire city block. From my starting point there were only traces of Street Art to be seen - a few tags here, some stickers there. But as I worked my way around the building the art started to creep closer. This was due, in part, to the continuing stream of artists who were installing works on the building as we waited.

The air was filled with excitement. I began chatting it up with some of my neighbors and exchanging predictions of what we would see once inside. Crowds were forming in, around and across the street. Before long, I was at the entrance. TV crews and reporters started to show. Free water was being given out. A real sense of community had developed in that short time.

Right before I passed through the entrance, a blind man and his assistant asked if they could come in and see the show. The guard let them through - and I got to catch glimpses of him as he felt his way through the show.

The first floor was overwhelming. The space was raw - wooden boards on the floor, no heat, jacked up lighting to allow some vision. Large panels covered the interior walls with imagery , painting and graffiti. I spied a larger than life version of the Street Art campaigns that cover the Walk/Don't Walk signs with miniature people that light up from the mechanics of the sign (see inset photo). I found long colored rubber bands, strung together sneaking between the floorboards above me (I would find later these extended up the fifth floor where you could still pull on the and feel their elasticity through the building. ) There were also gigantic letters that covered most of the ceiling which read: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

There were still a ton of people inside on the ground level, but many were on yet another line to go up to the above floors. The guard only let the same number of people come up that would go down, which maintained a low number of attendees on the higher floors, which was great after being shoulder to shoulder for the past few hours!

As opposed to talking through each floor and the works they contained I'll leave that to the photos. I'd rather concentrate on a feeling.

As I ascended from one floor to the next, taking my time to absorb the works that were covered everywhere (literally everywhere - stuck in the rafters, underneath the staircases, painted on the windows), I was overwhelmed with that feeling. That feeling one gets living in New York City, being a part of something that will only happen once, in this town at that time.

This is an age where there is corporate sponsorship of just about everything you can be a label on, and a city hellbent on squashing creativity in the interest of raw profits. This special "it can only happen in New York" feeling is becoming more and more rare.

On a grander scale, this was a moment for street art - a celebration for a medium that has existed outside of the law, outside of galleries and traditional methods of distribution. This is art for the people.

This is art for you.

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New Weekly Word

Surf on by A Picture's Worth for the week's new word which is:


Get creative and submit some shots Ace!

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Holiday Party at Lucasfilm

This is almost better than you could imagine it.

View this slideshow of photos from the Lucasfilm holiday party and then submit your resume to work there.

There's even a photo of Darth Vader pulling the raffle tickets. I can't imagine what the winner gets!

Link originally from BoingBoing

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New Word Posted

Over at A Picture's Worth, a new word has been posted for this week (as it is every Sunday).

This week's word is : twist

Get inspired and submit some photography!

Shown here is a shot featuring yours truly and D Lils.

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Click Click

Three new batches of photos on the aptly named Photo page.

See stilt walkers and ice sculptors from this week's Winter's Eve celebration at Lincoln Center

Warm the cockles of your heart with shots from my Thanksgiving festivities

Hang out in sunglasses and hats with a few friends of mine


Best posts from other blogs - 11/28/06

Here's the best stuff I've found (so far) today:

Song: from Music for Robots, The Gossip - Listen Up (mstrkrft remix)

Just straight up funky. For real. Press the lil' green button to listen.

Photo: from Gothamist, Light Waves in Brooklyn

"We've been admiring some gorgeous pictures of last night's start of the Prospect Park in Lights installation on Gothamist Contribute. We love this photograph by Atomische, showing ocean waters created out of lights. According to Prospect Park, "more than half a million light emitting diodes (LEDs) will be used to illuminate four gateways to the Park: Grand Army Plaza, which encompasses the historic Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch and the Bailey Fountain; Bartel-Pritchard Circle; Park Circle; and the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance to the Park."

Skate Deck: from turntablelab, Iron Mike

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Sign of the Times

Not like you couldn't see this one coming: The Blockbuster video on Court Street in my hood has gone and closed up! While this isn't as drastic as Tower Records closing all their stores' doors, I do think it's important to notice.

With the proliferation of DVR, Tivo and Netflix it is inevitable that traditional brick and mortar video stores are going to bite the dust.

On a personal note, now when I give directions to people on how to get to my pad I'll have to say " near where the Blockbuster used to be"

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Professor Shufflebones I Presume?

View the shocking & funny snapshots of what happens when you put glasses on your dog.


Photos back online

After much hemming and hawing, I've got the photo page up and running. I'm going with embedded slideshows from my Flickr account. Just click through - you'll see what I mean.

Because the slideshow starts right when you hit the page, I've elected to only leave the most current post up. For ealier slideshows you'd need to click on the permalink for that group.

There is also a post that shows where all the old photos are.

This is all nerd background (of which I have much more to offer). Go enjoy the photos!


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