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Professor Shufflebones I Presume?

View the shocking & funny snapshots of what happens when you put glasses on your dog.


3 Responses to “Professor Shufflebones I Presume?”

  1. # Blogger moomer

    Could you, in your inimitable wisdom, Prof. Shufflebones, please advise me how to deal with a cousin of yours who presumed to consume her master's birthday tenderloin roast??? ...moomer  

  2. # Anonymous Professor Shufflebones

    Dear Moomer,

    In my studies I have come across such issues concerning impulse control in my fellow canine brethren.

    Quite simply - tenderloin is impossible to resist. Do not tempt us with your savory meats. As a rule, keep them close to you and growl at us if we come near. We'll understand.

    From the desk of Professor Shufflebones  

  3. # Anonymous rd

    she looks so wise. I love her.  

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