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RIP Patrick Swayze

We all knew this day was coming. Patrick Swayze has passed on after a valiant battle with cancer (which he was also working as an actor through).

Oh the Swayz, how much joy you've given us. While most will remember you for the obligatory box-office successes of Dirty Dancing and Ghost, I enjoy digging slightly deeper into your catalog.

Your portrayal of Bodhi in Point Break was amazing. Check this sock puppet rendition of the film if you haven't seen it and want a primer.

Kicking ass in Roadhouse was also thrilling to watch. In this capacity you also gave us the line "Pain don't hurt".
And what was lauded by some as your come-back role, the work you did as motivational speaker Jim Cunningham in Donnie Darko will be considered timeless in my book (in particular the moment in the montage where your character cries alone in his living room).

Patrick Swayze, thanks for all you've given us. you will be missed.

Oh snap - in looking for images I realized I forgot to mention Swayze's amazing SNL Chippendale's skit with Chris Farley

And the brilliant original song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, "She's Like the Wind" Yeah - Patrick also knew how to write a kick-ass ballad too. Damn - what a talent.

Not my usual - Bonnie Pointer

There are so many things I like about this song.
  • The two harmonics that open the song (which happen to be exactly the same ones used on Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" many years later)
  • The bass is way up front and center in the mix - very unusual but the licks are so tasty!
  • The use of the "Boooooooo" disco noise made popular in Anita Bell's "Ring My Bell"
  • The fact that its sung by Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters
  • The elusive nature of trying to categorize it. Country? Pop Ballad? R&B? All of the above.
Even the sappy lyrics seem to work here. I don't usually go in for this type of track, but if you can look beyond the fluffy top layer, there is a lot going on with this song.

Give it a shot and hit me up in the comments with your thoughts.

Bonnie Pointer - More and More


This is real people.

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.

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