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Make your own paper Optimus Prime

Nerds Rejoice! Now you can download and assemble your own fully transformable paper Optimus Prime transformer. Sweeeeeet nerd joy.

Link via Boing Boing


Timberlake song exposed!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand mersh.

DJ Ranztron has done it again. I went and posted a new Justin Timberlake song that's been on repeat in my player and Ranz goes and identifies the sample!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "A New Day" by JC Davis. Go and marinate on them drums for a minute...

JC Davis - It's a New Day


Stroke it to the East...

Music for Robots has been straight killing it the last couple of days. This is my friend JPs (quite successful) MP3 blog. He and his boys post tracks temporarily on their site with insightful and often times hilarious reviews.

Not every track is a winner, but there's some quite good ones in the mix, and the occasional gem.

The last few posts have been off the hook.

Peep it and be sure to support the artists by buying their music.

As always - big ups to my friend Tamara on the site graphics and design.


I'm in and it's on...

Successfully completed the move into Amanda's today. BAM!

Had a pretty good experience with the movers I got through Chelsea Mini-Storage. The facility leaves something to be desired, but it's safe and gets the job done.

Now that the hard part is done, it's time to exhale a little bit and return to some usual routines, maybe cook some food at home for a change (so many burgers and delivery tips for the past week), and of course post a backlog of info to the site.

And oh yeah - have to also plan a wedding!

Stay tuned for lots more on the site. And remember : If you lived here you'd be home by now.


Fuel For the Fire...

So tomorrow is the big move and I'm feeling like I'm in good shape. That's not to say there's not tons to do tonight, but I don't think I'll be up to all hours.

I've been meaning to post this track from the new record for a few weeks now. It's been keeping me going through this move - such a good track! Falsetto lyrics, ridiculous 60s style backbeat, and that rap - that RAP!

Have a listen.
Damn Girl.mp3

Oh and for all those JT haters - shut it. He may be pop but he's damn good.

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Long Time no Talk...

I've been knee-deep in boxes and dust-bunnies as I gear up to leave Brooklyn and move into Amanda's East Village apartment. The blog is atking a break at least for a few more days at which point I will expode with posts and photos galore.


Texas Holiday Photos Up

Check this page for a full set of shots from my latest trip to Ft. Worth and Austin Texas.

Check out them fancy cowboy boots!

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Last Thursday I asked the most wonderful woman in the world to marry me, and she said yes! I couldn't be happier.

Stay tuned for upcoming details!


From birds to robots

So after my friend Rebecca finished up her month of bird illustrations, she has moved into the new year drawing robots! You should go check out her site:



It's good to know people still do this (directly lifted from the Brooklyn Record):

The Coney Island Polar Bears took their New Year's swim yesterday afternoon in chilly — but not freezing — waters. According to Howard N2GOT, the water temperature was around 48°F. (Still sounds uncomfortably cold to us!) Check our more photos after the jump.


And we're back...

It has been quite a few days since my last post, and I have a hunch I wont be back into the swing of it until next week. A brief recap of what's been cooking (mostly meat):

  • Been on vacation from work since 12/22. SWEET!
  • Went to NJ to do Xmas with some family friends. Had some delicious home-brewed beer and short ribs.
  • Left the day after for a week down in Texas. Did Fort Worth (that's Fort Fun to you and me), then went down for a few days to Austin (which was totally awesome). Most of my time in Texas was spent looking at the wide open sky, feeling warm and consuming a ton of beef, including some of the tastiest ribs I ever did done tasted.
  • Came back to the city and did New Year's with friends at La Lunetta. Tasty and good times.
  • I'll be trying to catch up with Oscar contenders, and for a start went to check out The Departed. Very well shot and incredible acting and writing (Alec Baldwin has done it again!)
  • Currently watching the new Miami Vice movie. So far - just eh.

Will be signing off for a few more days, check you later skaters.


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