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Pixelated beauty

For a few weeks over the summer, the display board outside of BAM on Flatbush Ave. was on the fritz. Instead of showing upcoming movies, performances and announcements it was pure pixelated beauty. These colored squares would flicker and change. There were no credits and no indication that it was an art project of some sort.

It was simply the most beautiful error message I have ever seen. Here it is captured while driving. Simple pleasures.

Pretty much everywhere it's gonna be hot

I try not to post the trendy youtube clip of the moment here on SF, but this is giving me all sorts of joy

The Original

The Remix


How do you know when Halloween is coming?

How do you know when Halloween is coming? When you see moustached
pumpkins nearvthe chocolates is the bodega.

Rooftop art

Enjoying the Jeffrey Koons exhibit on the roof of the MET today.

Advanced Style

Straight from this Boing Boing post:

Ari Cohen says: "We have started a blog of our own that documents street style and fashion of the mature and wizened. Our aim is to take photos of elders with a unique sense of personal style that has developed with age. We noticed so many amazingly dressed older people in New York and are having a great time getting to know them, hearing their stories and capturing a bit of their style to share with others." Advanced Style

Open House New York 08

Amanda and I are participating again in Open House NY. We just finished our volunteer shift at the Tom Otterness studio in Gowanus. You know him from his cute bronze sculptures in the 14th street 8th ave subway station. Awesome.

Now we're off for a few more site visits and a fullbday tomorrow. I love new York!

Here's Amanda in full OHNY gear about to gear up on her bike.

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