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Time Machine

I can't tell how I feel about this. Akward if nothing else

From the creator: "putting myself into my family's home movies from the 1940s and 50s. Music by Peggy Honeywel"


Oh just stop

I read a lot of New York Time's articles online. Why does the NYT post so many articles about You Tube?

Please stop it New York Times.

Design Overload

It's been a huge two weeks for Design in NYC. On Mother's Day weekend there was the BKLYN Design show in DUMBO and last week was both the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and the National Stationary Show at the Javitz Convention Center.

I didn't go to any of these events.

However, I feel like I did because I've been obsessively reading the posts over on Design*Sponge. Grace has been straight killing it with photos galore, and links to designers sites.

So I present to you the best of all the design shows, poached from the Design*Sponge blog! My apologies...
BKLYN Designs

Furniture Fair

Stationary Show

Do yourself a favor and go to Design*Sponge and read the full posts and see what's cooking in design world.

bklyn designs

icff 2007: part one

icff 2007: part two

icff 2007: part three

stationery show 2007: part one

stationery show 2007: part two

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Taking a Closer Look

I really enjoyed this cover of The New Yorker from a few weeks ago (go ahead, click the image for a close-up. You know you want it).

Apparently, I'm not the only one. The author dissects the image on a few levels of varying depth. An interesting take, and interesting reactions in the comments section.

Link originally from

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These movies will change civilization...

Thanks to Google Reader I've been much more on top of reading my favorite blogs around the net (is it time to abandon Bloglines - *gasp*?). In the past day I've seen posts about two movies that look really good that I may have not know about without the good ol' Internets.

First off is Chalk, a mockumentary about Teaching. When watching this trailer I forgot it was a joke, and started getting a little nervous for our nation's future.

Next we have 10mph, the story of two friends travelling cross-country on a Segway (remember these machines whose inventor claimed will "change civilization"?) The trailer reminds me of The Straight Story, that great David Lynch G-Rated movie about an old man who travels a bunch of miles on the roads of America on his lawnmower to see his brother. Great flick based on a true story, but this one is the real deal.

Check the websites and see if these indie flicks are playing near you anytime soon.


Podcasts: Why do they suck?

When you're a techie in a visible role (read: a guy like me doing technology for a school), people expect you to be into all of the up and coming technologies and trends. From knowing the pros and cons of Windows Vista, to being on top of every high-tech companies stock price, people assume you're the go-to guy. "Hey - you like technology! What's Second Life all about?"

Which brings me to Podcasts. We all know what they are by now, but does anybody really listen to these things? Is it just me or do they all suck? First off - there are so many of them, and most are done very poorly. The hosts rarely know what they are talking about, and they seem to love the sound of their own voices (an affliction that I can *ahem* identify with).

I've tried to ask people I trust for recommendations, but even these "cream-o'-the-crop" shows are not that engaging. The sound is always tinny, and the volume is all over the place. The whole thing just seems like a medium that will seem laughable in about two years.

All geek stereotypes aside, I did think I was going to enjoy listening to podcasts. I mean hey - I went to school for radio broadcasting, and even aspired to get into talk-radio at a certain point. But no. This podcast thing is just not taking.

I'm listening to one now. My hopes were high. The host is Mark Frauenfelder the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Boing Boing. It's called "Get Illuminated" - an obvious nod to Robert Anton Wilson*, one of my most cherished authors of my mid-twenties. And the first episode was an interview with cultural critic and author Douglas Rushkoff. A veritable slam-dunk of a podcast!

But here I am - bored, not paying attention. Blah blah blah. Who has the attention for this? Do people just sit and stare at their computers while they listen? I know folks have these on their iPods and listen on the commute, but for some reason that doesn't appeal to me.

Tell me - what am I missing? Am I the only one who is missing the boat?

*Fair warning if you click this link: Robert Anton Wilson maintains one of the worst looking websites on the Internet.

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Mr. Rogers B-Boy

This clip speaks for itself. So I will stop talking and moonwalk.


The Harry Potter/Luke Skywalker Connection

D.A.N.C.E. it up

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

This will pretty much be your favorite song this summer. Great video too!

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Air / TV on the Radio Review - May 10 Theater at MSG

Amanda & I went to see Air play at the Theater at MSG last week (May 10th) as part of the Highline Festival. A few days earlier, it was announced that TV on the Radio were going to open with an acoustic set. Did someone creep into my brain and ask me what my favorite line up would be? This was pretty close.

The show was great. TV killed it, playing stripped down versions of rocking tunes. To be honest, I'd written them off as of late - so much press as the indie darlings in the last year. I guess I still get that little 18 year old in me who gets all pissed when other people start liking my favorite band (lets call this the Pearl Jam Problem).

Their performance last week brought me back to why I love them in the first place. It's indie rock soul music. Tunde is belting out some deep, and often times dark lyrics up there. He throws his whole boy into it and the band is along for the ride. Testify Tunde!

Here's a clip of the song "Tonight" from the show, that also showcases their use of typewriter in the set.

Air followed with a mellow and sexy set - no shocker there. This was my first Air show, and I never realised that while one of the Frenchies is playing keyboard, the other on the bass guitar. Ripping it no less!

This clip doesn't feature the bass, but it does show a nice version of "Cherry Blossom Girl".

Is anyone else amazed that I can go onto youtube and find someone who filmed lots of songs from this show and now I can blog about here? For me it's a mix of great and gross (also known as a situation of "crap-candy"). I mean, awesome that I can share this, but it does take away from the special memories I have of living through these songs.

Is this my new Pearl Jam problem?

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The Etsy Bitsy Website

I don't know what's cooler: the hand-made items that Etsy sells or their ridiculous site design.

Go there now. No really. Now.Image is a set of 4 coasters for sale. $14 - Cheap!


When it's time to change it's time to rearrange

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Bloglines. But lots o' people have been praising the Google Reader to help make sense of all the blogs floating around out there in cyberspace.

I'm coming to find that google owns all of the online applications I like to use. And while it's great having one login for everything, it's a little bit scary too. I suppose I'm holding on to Bloglines as one way to resist becoming all Google all the time.

I'm going to give the Reader a chance. If history proves anything, in the short term I'll be using Google Reader. In the long term, the company will become too big for its britches and will then fall like Rome.

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A Fistful of Posts

I am super relaxed right now. Sunday night, chilling out, working on the computrix, drinking water. Believe it or not I worked for a while without any music or TV on in the background. Now I have a podcast running (more on that later), but the apartment is still very light on input. Nice....

Working off of a suggestion from Tim to an earlier post (where I was perplexed on how to keep posting fresh material here, as opposed to lagging for a week or two) I will now stockpile posts and sprinkle them through the week.

What does this mean to you? Keep checking back for (hopefully) more posts comin' at ya'!

Now go to bed.


We are family

New word up at A Pictures Worth this week. I'll spoil the surprise and let you know it's: Family

This shot shows the family that can be created when Teen Wolf is hanging out with a hipster vampire. Together at last.

Head on over and show the world what Family looks like to you!

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