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These movies will change civilization...

Thanks to Google Reader I've been much more on top of reading my favorite blogs around the net (is it time to abandon Bloglines - *gasp*?). In the past day I've seen posts about two movies that look really good that I may have not know about without the good ol' Internets.

First off is Chalk, a mockumentary about Teaching. When watching this trailer I forgot it was a joke, and started getting a little nervous for our nation's future.

Next we have 10mph, the story of two friends travelling cross-country on a Segway (remember these machines whose inventor claimed will "change civilization"?) The trailer reminds me of The Straight Story, that great David Lynch G-Rated movie about an old man who travels a bunch of miles on the roads of America on his lawnmower to see his brother. Great flick based on a true story, but this one is the real deal.

Check the websites and see if these indie flicks are playing near you anytime soon.


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