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Simply incredible

I've been meaning to post this for at least a week (since Rebecca D. kindly sent it to me), but you know - sometimes life gets all up in your piece.

Oh my god. So incredible. I would like to write up all of my analysis and feelings about this video, but life is, again, in my piece. As type a baby lies next to me on the couch needing my arms to hold him. Awwww...

In short: this piece makes me happy to be alive in this time. It proves that not everything has been done before and creativity is still very much alive.


Don't believe the hype? Dirty Projectors

One of the records I was most excited about this summer was Bitte Ocre by the Dirty Projectors. The DPs caught my ear a few years ago when they released "Rise Above", an art-rock interpretation of Black Flag's "Wasted" (which I was aggressively bumping in my Sony Walkman at age 13.

Swayed by massive critical acclaim from bloggers and pros alike, I piked up the newest Projectors release. To my surprise I've yet to really latch on to it as a whole. There are moments of brilliance no doubt, especially the ballad "Two Doves" included below, but as an entity the album is missin the mark.

Dirty Projectors - Two Doves

What am I missing? Are you also let down? Hook me in the comments.

Eternal Moonwalk

Just go there:

Big ups Alejandro for the link.

Lest we forget sarcasm.

Don't get me wrong - I love being a dad and I LOVE Theodore. We've been diligently putting up video and pics over on the website to share that love.

However, I also enjoy sarcasm. Now the two have met in a chocolate + peanut butter moment. It' a website called Let's Panic. It's a "parenting" website in the loosest of ways. In fact, it's about as legitimate a parenting site as legitimate a newspaper The Onion is. Which isn't to say The Onion isn't pure genius, right?


Here, for instance, is one of their sponsors:

If you're not afraid of the snarky, check 'em out.

Big ups to Rebecca who sent me this, and who also has an amazing new illustration on her website.

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