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One more for a good cause

Spotted on my walk around the grounds before leaving.

My one and only mohonk photo

The weather has been too crummy over the past few days here to get any
good photography or hikes in. I de manage to take this one shot
moments ago from my balcony. Helga effects courtesy of Camera Bag app.

Mohonk 08 & Decorating update

I'm here on my last day of the NEIT conference at the Mohonk Mountain House. It's been a good 3 days but I am starting to get the itch to head home.

There's been no new pics of the kitchen reno in a few days, and it's not because the deal is done. Quite the opposite - there is the lingering task of replacing a busted under cabinet light from Ikea. Fascinating I know! Final photos will be posted soon.

While I've been away Amanda has been managing the task of our apartment getting painted. Here are our colors. These SO don't look like the colors in real life, but the names are fun:

Bedroom - Wind Chime
(which is much more of a light green than the image shown)
Bathroom - Spring Leaf
Main Room - Amulet
I'm hoping everything came out well - I'll find out later today! Also just got a voicemail that our rug has finally been shipped!

A cause for 96 pt. type

I try not to get too political on Stupidfresh, so I'll take the geek designer angle. As reported on and others:

Wednesday was the only the fourth time that the NY Times used 96 pt. type for the headline on the front page of the paper. In chronological order:


The Wednesday edition of the Times was very popular. It was sold out all over the city so people lined up outside the Times' building to buy copies. Copies are available on eBay for $100 or more.

Late for work

I'm running late for work, taking a slow bus down Bergen Street.
Looking to my left I saw this tiny leaf stuck to the bus window.
Seemed like as good an excuse as any to take a photo.

Also threw some effects on it using a new iPhone app called Camera
Bag. Not bad.

Kitchen Reno: Day Three

So after a brief scare that our contractor was going to have to
postpone tonight, he was able to come after all.

We're so glad he did!

The appliances are back in and turned on and we did some tests to make
sure nothing would blow up or flood. All clear.

He did not, however, have time to hook up the lighting that we ran out
and purchased at Ikea last night (sacrificing valuable hours of
election-tv watching).

We did come up with a plan on how to run the cables and are hoping
that this will be all be done tomorrow or Friday.

Stay tuned renovation lovers!

This photo was taken at the end of day three after the appliances were

Kitchen Reno: day 2

So the cabinet installer finished up today, unbelievably. The kitchen
looks great with only a few minor inconsistencies from what we expected.

For instance, a cabinet that was supposed to be a set of drawers was
built as shelves. Hmmm.

So all that's left is figuring out this under cabinet lighting issue
and moving all the appliances back. Let's hope they all fit!

So we figure two or thee more days on this and we're back in business.

This photo was taken around 1pm on Tuesday when the cabinet
installation was completed.

I voted.

Done and done. After an hour wait for district 28 I cast my vote for
the next president of the united states of america.

Feels great!

Election Day - Go Brooklyn!

Passed a park slope polling place on this morning's walk. Voters are
wrapped around a full city block to cast their ballot.

Go brooklyn.

Halloween 2008

Amanda and I and a bunch of the Tulane crew totally rocked it at Halloween this year. This summer we all picked up mexican wrestling masks in, well, Mexico. So of course we all geared up to be a band of Luchadores in the 2008 Halloween Parade.

Here are some of the best shots form the night. And yes, there was a portable ring made so we could wrestle in the streets:

Kitchen Reno: Day 1

The first day of the renovations seemed to go well. On the plus side
they demo'd and removed all the old cabinets and got the majority of
the new cabinets up! They got much further than I expected.

There were (and are) a few bumps though. With the cabinets going up so
quickly, our contractor didn't have time to coordinate with the
cabinet installers to run electricity for the under cabinet lights.

And about those lights, there was a misunderstanding as to who was
going to purchase them. Bottom line is no one did, so now we need to
go out and get the right type of lights for this.

Lastly, apparently the dishwasher wasn't disconnected from the water.
There was a small personality clash as the cabinet guys and contractor
tried to come to some agreement as to work through this hazard. Our
contractor worked it out.

So now we're on to day two tomorrow. There's rumour that the cabinet
guys may be done tomorrow Which would mean we could possibly be done
with the whole thing by wednesday if we can get the appliances hooked
back up and this lighting thing taken care of.

Stay tuned.

This photo was taken moments ago and shows the progress made on day
one of our kitchen renovation.

Wishful thinking

Saw this across from the projects this morning on my walk to work.
It's the day before the election - this is wishful thinking.

Kitchen Reno: Day 0

Today we embark on a light kitchen renovation in our Park Slope
apartment. All things considered this is not considered as major a job
as it could be.

We're basically swapping out the existing cabinets with more updated
and sleek Ikea ones. The backsplash, countertop and appliances will
remain (if nothing gets damaged during the reno.)

I'll be updating at least a photo a day to show the progress. It's
estimated to take three to five days for the whole thing - let's hope!

This shot below is of our kitchen before any renovations. We have had
the stove and fridge moved out but that's it.

Keep checking back for updated photos!

Rollin on dubs

Fixing a flat in Brooklyn.

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