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Kitchen Reno: Day 1

The first day of the renovations seemed to go well. On the plus side
they demo'd and removed all the old cabinets and got the majority of
the new cabinets up! They got much further than I expected.

There were (and are) a few bumps though. With the cabinets going up so
quickly, our contractor didn't have time to coordinate with the
cabinet installers to run electricity for the under cabinet lights.

And about those lights, there was a misunderstanding as to who was
going to purchase them. Bottom line is no one did, so now we need to
go out and get the right type of lights for this.

Lastly, apparently the dishwasher wasn't disconnected from the water.
There was a small personality clash as the cabinet guys and contractor
tried to come to some agreement as to work through this hazard. Our
contractor worked it out.

So now we're on to day two tomorrow. There's rumour that the cabinet
guys may be done tomorrow Which would mean we could possibly be done
with the whole thing by wednesday if we can get the appliances hooked
back up and this lighting thing taken care of.

Stay tuned.

This photo was taken moments ago and shows the progress made on day
one of our kitchen renovation.

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