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Stupidfresh Best Songs of 2009 (new to me edition)

Welcome to the StupidFresh Best Songs of 2009 (new to me edition)! While I do spend a good amount of time listening to new music, I'm always looking for good songs. It turns out there's quite a bit of material that was released before 2009 (shocker, I know).

In contrast to the straight-up StupidFresh Best Songs of 2009 list, where I seemed to let myself pontificate maybe a bit too much on each track, I'm going to *try* and keep things brief on this list and let the music speak for itself.

Without further ado, enjoy these classic tracks that finally made their way to my ears this year.

1) Ricardo Marrero - Babalonia
And it starts with a boom! I heard this gem sandwiched smack-dab in the middle of O-dub's first Soul-Cast. Killer!

2) Billy Stewart - Summertime
You can thank Big Shanz for this one. Not to paint too broad of a stroke, but Billy Stewart should do a cover of every song ever in his unique scatting, use-way-too-many-words singing style. And for the love of all that is holy, please watch the video (get through the first 45-seconds or so) and marvel at this man's hat and pants.

3) Elbow - One Day Like This
This one was just shy of making the 2009 list, debuting in the grand ol' year of 2008. Anthemic and awesome.

4) MF Doom - Doomsday
Hippity-hop. Hop-hip-hop. Been checking into Doom's back catalog and Doomsday immediately rose to the top.

5) Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
How could I resist? After MJs passing, his music was everywhere. And while most cars were bumping tracks from Thriller and Bad, I had a chance to discover "I Can't Help It" from the Off The Wall LP. Beyond just being a beautiful song, you may recognize the opening hook which was sampled for De La Soul's "Breakadawn"

6) Jay-Z - 99 Problems (ft. The Dap Kings)
I mean come on. Really - this is too good.

7) John Coltrane - Say It (Over and Over Again)
I was brought to this gorgeous Coltrane ballad by none other than my dad (yeah pops!). Sweet, slow and classic.

8) Archie Whitewater - Track 3
That "Track 3" isn't a typo. This Archie Whitewater song is a mystery track that was never officially released. The mix is a bit low and spotty at times - it's soulful as hell though.

9) Coke Escavado - I Wouldn't Change a Thing
Coke (real-name?) Escavado made one danceable track here. He also made an amazing daughter, one Sheila E. Nice work Coke.

10) Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off the Lights
This track is the perfect blend of soul, dirty-talk and over-the-top suggestions. I love it. R. Kelly - you're nothing compared to the master.

*Thanks to Rebecca D. for the awesome illustration! Check out her work at Drawing Challenge.*


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