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Daft Punk is playing in your house...

While it was another barn burner of a weekend (I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead), the highlight was most definitely the Saturday night Halloween party. We hightailed it up to Queens for the MSLK costume party.

That trip to get there is always a long one, so we decided to spice it up by traveling in our costumes. Which of course was the French robot DJs from the future, Daft Punk.

It was a blast riding the rails incognito. We also went totally non-verbal as we communicated with each other and other riders through hand signals and body language.

Other highlights of the weekend were: Darren's birthday dinner in Fort Green, dim sum in Chinatown, and catching Morrissey at the Hammerstein!

Check the slideshow below for more Halloween shots, and see you on Wednesday for the parade.

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