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Things that make you go hmmmm...

So here's an update on the ongoing analysis/transition of my online identity. I've been finding a lot of power in these resources:
Last night I started the process of migrating elements of this here Stupidfresh blog over to the Blogger servers (that's how all this craziness started in the first place). One tactic I'm considering is just leaving the current iteration of this site as an archive (Stupidfresh Classic if you will), and moving on.

Tumblr has been really intriguing to me as a very efficient, light-weight, on-the-go method of continuing to post online. Hmmmmmm.

One key to this mess would be to find the tools that will cross-post well. That will allow these different modalities to play nicely together, and wil build in redundency. Hmmmmmmm.

As before, I'm struggling with "what's it all for"? Nathan makes the point that blogs used to be the place to "just spill", but now there are plenty of places to do that. So maybe my goal is to Rube Goldberg all of of my spills into one pitcher. Hmmmm.

Domain names, hosting, history, ownership, ease of use and more booshy you coudl imagine come into the mix here, but I digress. I am getting closer.

Post Script: Please pardon the public multi-post monologue here. In addition to working this through, I'm also hoping to gain your perspective (yes, you!) . So hit me off with a comment or an email.


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