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All Points West - pics, flix and Radiohead

A little late on these, but still worth posting I think. A few Saturdays ago we went to see some bands including Radiohead at the All Points West festival in New Jersey. It was a beautiful day with lots of friends and fun.

Here are some choice photos from the day:

I have no idea why a fried egg was there, but thank goodness he was.

Yours truly getting down in the misting dance area.

Beautiful day for a festival.
The Mrs. taking it all in.

Damn straight wearin' gold to the concert!

Who brought these dudes?

When night fell Radiohead took the stage. Their 2 plus hour set was exquisite. The songs were shockingly tight and left little room for spontaneity or improvisation, but that's ok. They still ROCKED and the light show was redunculous. Here are some photos and two videos of their show.



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