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Stupidfresh's 200th Post!

We done did it - 200 posts!

Oh Stupidfresh, you've been so good to me. It's been quite a ride since my first post on November 13, 2006. Over the past 200 posts we've shared some good times, huh? Let's take a trip down memory lane:

Thanks to everyone who posted comments including friends , visitors and someone named "anonymous." Most of all thanks to all of you who check in regularly with the site. It feels great to know people are keeping up with the 'fresh.

So as a gift to all of us, I feel the best way to explain how excited I am is to share the following video, affectionately known as "The Band is on the Field." Watch until the end - the sportscasters howls match my own excitement about Stupidfresh.
Arguably the best finish in college football history....
November 20, 1982: Stanford has a 20-19 lead with 4 seconds left. Cal uses five lateral passes to return the ensuing kickoff for the winning TD...with the band on the field.

4 Responses to “Stupidfresh's 200th Post!”

  1. # Blogger DJ Ranztron

    Your 200th post is football??????? I don't know who you are anymore.  

  2. # Blogger Matt

    I saw it more of a "best-of" post, with the football piece merely reflecting the passion I have for Stupidfresh.

    And for college football.  

  3. # Blogger Ian

    This is clearly a product of marrying a girl from Texas. Next thing we know you'll be referring to "play action" or "weak side defense" without a hint of irony.  

  4. # Blogger Matt

    That's just absurd. Now let's all just relax and pull off a standard Statue of Liberty play.  

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