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Kutiman - The Mother of all Funk Chords

Welp, this is it. This is the next step in the evolution of video, music, cut & paste, collaboration (intentional or not), copyright law, and creativity. All wrapped up in a tidy 3 minute 36 second video.

Kutiman has taken dozens of unrelated Youtube clips showing people playing individual instruments and layered them all together to create a wholly new song. And it is in tune no less! Of course, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is the drummer selected for this project. I myself have spent hours watching his drum lessons on the 'Tube.

I've been waiting for a Youtube clip to become available - previously this was only available on Kutiman's own thru-tube website (and still is.)

As you watch, think of what has led to this point: Double Dee & Steinski splicing 1/4" tape together to make their legendary "Lessons" records, DJ Shadow making the first all sample based album "Endtroducing", the evolution of online user submitted video (crowdsourcing anyone?), creative commons licenses to allow for the fair and legal sharing and remixing of content.

And the song just plain rocks too. Which is dope.

Even though there are a plethora of links to this, I first saw it on 43 Folders.

7 Responses to “Kutiman - The Mother of all Funk Chords”

  1. # Blogger Kristen


  2. # Blogger El Bloggo de Pedro

    Lippy that was soooooo stupidfrsh!!!! Thanks for posting!~  

  3. # Blogger gonskyplatts

    Neeeeasty fresh.  

  4. # OpenID papashantz

    speechless. usually i can prepare speech for anything but... that clip put the D in dope & i am speechles.
    also, my 'word verification' word was 'bedcock'. or at least i thought it was. but then i realized it was 'bedock'. i plan to work both words into the vernacular. the definition of the former is self-explanatory; still working on the def for the latter. suggestions?  

  5. # OpenID papashantz

    jesus christ, sorry. i have 2 new words: 'speechles' due to a typo in my comment; AND 'unbed', which was my word verification word this time around. definitions pending.  

  6. # OpenID papashantz

    two morning doves are bangin on my fire escape. i'm speechles. the one gettin banged just looked right at me.  

  7. # Blogger Victor

    definitely stupidfresh, totally awesome to the extreme  

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