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Tweet Tweet

So I'm jumping over technology's most recent digital divide and getting started on Twitter. It seems like no one, including those using twitter, can explain what it is - or more to the point, why it matters.

I'm hoping by trying it out I'll be able to get a grasp on what the hub-bub is all about.

Check out my Twitter page and follow me if you want to get in on this.

4 Responses to “Tweet Tweet”

  1. # Blogger rebecca

    but i explained why it doesn't matter!  

  2. # Blogger Ian

    You'll join twitter, but you won't join facebook?  

  3. # Blogger Matt

    Here's my rationale: Twitter is something I can do fairly quickly on my own time, and is largely one way communication.

    Facebook seems like much more of a time suck, and I would guess has a lot more people nagging you to get back to them.

    Am I wrong here?  

  4. # Blogger Ian

    Calmer than you are.  

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