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Good Track, Great Cause

I've been known to post other artist's music here on Stupidfresh before. A few weeks ago I heard the first release from Neko Case's new album and really enjoyed it. But then, I read about how if I (or anyone) posts the track on their blog, $5 will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Here's the shtick:
Today, we are especially happy to bring you "People Got A Lotta Nerve," the first single from Neko Case's forthcoming album Middle Cyclone (out March 3), because for every blog that reposts the song and/or iLike user who adds it to their profile, Neko Case and ANTI- will make a cash donation to Best Friends Animal Society.

Not bad, eh? So have a listen to the song, which is quite good:

Neko case - People Got a Lotta Nerve

Now that's the kind of cross-marketing synergy I can get behind!

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