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Let's stay in touch

I've had this task floating around my mindgrapes for the past few months and am finally ready to check it off the list.

Taking a cue from Rebecca at eensies, I hooked up Stupidfresh with some Feed Burner services. For starters, the RSS link on the right hand side of the page should work much more smoothly now. This is for the blog reader nerdusses out there like myself.

There is also now the option to sign up to receive an email in your inbox every time I post to this here site. What could be easier! Pop in your email address in the box on the right side of the page, or just click here to subscribe to Stupidfresh.

Love - Nerduss

2 Responses to “Let's stay in touch”

  1. # Blogger rebecca

    Nice, just gone and done subscribed myself to Stupid Fresh, which will now conveniently be delivered to my google reader. Now i wont miss a beat!  

  2. # Blogger Matt

    Boom baby!  

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