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"Easy Heaven" - Best Mashup Ever (The Commodores vs. The Cure)

Mashups are cool and all. You know - when a DJ takes the instrumental of one song and layers the acapella vocal of a different song on top of it? They've been created by DJs for years - some would contest it started in the 80s. But the medium really hit it's stride in the past three years or so.

Some of you might be familiar with the work of Girl Talk who seamlessly combines dozens of tracks into one cohesive song. While I do love his stuff, it goes beyond the pure mashup format - a winning combination of just two tracks.

A mashup is at it's best when the resulting song becomes a new entity unto itself. It goes beyond two disparate songs which blend well together, or just creating funny moments hearing two disparate styles/genres/decades/etc. combined.

The best mashups transcend the work of the originals and form a new wholly realized song.

The finest example I've heard to date is "Easy Heaven" by BRAT productions. It takes the instrumental of The Commodores "Easy (Like a Sunday Morning)" and replaces the lyrics with The Cure's "Just Like Heaven." It's perfection.

Slow down.
Sit back.
Have a listen and enjoy:

Easy Heaven (Mashup) - BRAT Productions

Direct link to Wired Listening Post blog post where I read about this
Direct link to BRAT site for more info

And finally, yes - I did create that image of Robert Smith as a member of The Commodores. Not bad eh?


3 Responses to “"Easy Heaven" - Best Mashup Ever (The Commodores vs. The Cure)”

  1. # Blogger rebecca

    that is pretty easy on the ears. lip, i'd love to hear a few more of your faves as i'm new to the, how do you say, mashed-up?  

  2. # Blogger Clau

    Wow, I love it!! I agree with Rebecca, share some more of your mashup faves.  

  3. # Blogger Big Shantz

    finally listened to this.

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