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A Diamond in the Rough

As you could guess, Amanda & I have been pretty occupied with wedding planning. We're now under the 3 month mark, so things are really going into high gear.

Doing all this research, I've found myself all over these Internets on sites I never thought I would see before. A lot of it is boring, no need to share examples here. It's actually surprising how many vendors have poorly designed sites that look like their coming straight out of 1998.

However - I have found a diamond in the rough. One night I was lucky enough to find what could be the greatest website and wedding concept going.

Living Tables!
Apparently people are outfitted with tables attached to them so they can go around and serve drinks or appetizers to guests. But wait - there's more! They will also dress up in a theme or as a celebrity as well.

As if that weren't enough, they also have a full range of Heads Only coming though tables. My goodness - the options are limitless!

Too bad their not based in Texas or you may have seen the Carmen Miranda table walking around. I may have to use them for an NYC party soon!

Don't postpone joy:


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