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Nursery - Initial Builds 2 and 3

As we move closer to June 1st, Amanda & I are working on getting the nursery all set up. These photos are from Nursery Builds 2 and 3. When the baby comes it will be Nursery 1.0. Expect further enhancements and bug fixes in future iterations of Nursery.

Check out Nursery Build 1 here.

Nursery Build 2

Those shelves proved to be the most difficult piece of the puzzle yet!

Bird mobile looking tight. A wedding (yes wedding) gift from Molly F.

The red coral rug really brings the room together. They called me sexy gams Lipstein in college.

Nursery Build 3

The shelves take on a new look when filled out with stuff.

What's up Henley?

The Ostrich. Even though it's flat on the wall, it has a lot of depth when looking at it.

Getting there!

Hand-made crib bedding courtesy of Moomer (Amanda's talented mother)

Light Off

Light On

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  1. # Anonymous molly

    yay bird mobile! your baby is going to have TASTE!  

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