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The Belvedere 2009 Food Competition

The 2009 Belvedere Food Competition from Matthew Lipstein on Vimeo.

All the details for the Food Competition at this year's Belvedere party in Brooklyn.

This is just one element of what is always a great day. See you on May 2nd!


8 Responses to “The Belvedere 2009 Food Competition”

  1. # Blogger mitch

    very clever my son.  

  2. # Anonymous sheri

    So are we supposed to make either a triangle snack or a circle snack?


    Is there are circle/triangle dress code too?  

  3. # Blogger Gabriela

    sorry, triangles all the way.... although I did really like the shot of the matzo ball soup.  

  4. # Anonymous molly

    olives are not circles. they are ovals.  

  5. # Blogger Matt

    sheri said...

    "So are we supposed to make either a triangle snack or a circle snack"

    That is correct. You will choose a side with your entry. Awards will be given to the best of each shape, and then there will be a battle royal with the best circle taking on the best triangle.  

  6. # Anonymous marc

    Triangle + Vegetable = Vegina  

  7. # Blogger gonskyplatts

    I did not go full screen, Brother, but Carmina Burana's volume always gets jacked up to 10 in my house. One question: Why Mr. Belvedere? His nose is kind of triangular, and his body is circular, but...  

  8. # Blogger Matt

    Belvedere is the namesake of all this because the first song Alejandro & I played together was the Mr. Belvedere theme song. In a sexy style of course.

    If you make it on Saturday you may even get to hear it!  

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