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Mystery Part Six: A small success

Now when you Google "squalloopi" it comes up with my Stupidfresh posts. At least the person who is looking for me might be able to track me down!

4 Responses to “Mystery Part Six: A small success”

  1. # Blogger Tommy

    Could "The Bean" be referring to the sculpture 'Cloud Gate' in Chicago? I'm not even sure how that would lead to anything, but hey, it's a possible lead.  

  2. # Anonymous Sheri Koetting

    I predict that you will receive a few other clues in the near future and that "squalloopi" and/or "the bean" might be the password for a future step....  

  3. # Blogger Matt

    Tommy - I'm thinking that's not it. The package originated from Long Island City, NY. Cool sculpture though!

    Sheri - I certainly hope I get some more clues. Not sure where to go from here!  

  4. # Blogger drascot

    try a google search for "bean key" I think the results might be up your alley. I think the keyhole logo of Hush is no coincidence. I also think you should explore "the Bean" and Long Island City  

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