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Mystery Part Eight: A Connection has been Made!

If you've been following, you know I'd pretty much given up on the whole squalloopi mystery a few days ago. Last night on a whim I did a google search for "real world mystery game." Two results popped up, one from Stupidfresh, but then, unbelievably, was a link to someone's Twitter feed.

I almost couldn't believe it when I clicked through to find that someone else HAS also been contacted about the game! She posted her letter and a photo of her key, also with a sualloopi label on it here on her Flickr stream.

If you look at the key, you'll see the smeared font is exactly the same as mine. The key, however is different. The design on the top of the handle is different, and the actually teeth of the key are different too.

We're going back and forth now to figure out if we have friends in common who may have sent this to us. So exciting! The game lives on!


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  1. # Blogger Amy

    Read through this. It is long, but maybe it might prompt an idea or two. Perhaps in writings on the prisoner's dilemma we might find a squalloopi clue.  

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