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Mystery Part Eight: A Connection has been Made!

If you've been following, you know I'd pretty much given up on the whole squalloopi mystery a few days ago. Last night on a whim I did a google search for "real world mystery game." Two results popped up, one from Stupidfresh, but then, unbelievably, was a link to someone's Twitter feed.

I almost couldn't believe it when I clicked through to find that someone else HAS also been contacted about the game! She posted her letter and a photo of her key, also with a sualloopi label on it here on her Flickr stream.

If you look at the key, you'll see the smeared font is exactly the same as mine. The key, however is different. The design on the top of the handle is different, and the actually teeth of the key are different too.

We're going back and forth now to figure out if we have friends in common who may have sent this to us. So exciting! The game lives on!


Mystery Part Five: The clues continue

There hasn't been much momentum on the mystery in the past few days. I needed to take the weekend off after obsessing all last week. However a few new pieces of information have come to light:

1. Identity Revealed (somewhat) - I called UPS on Saturday with Marc and they told us that the company or person name who sent me the package is called "The Bean." I performed the requisite Google searches, but it's still too broad to narrow it down.

2. Darren pointed out that the logo for is a keyhole. Coincidence? It's been suggested that this is all a marketing plan for Hush, but it seems a bit too elaborate for that.

3. If you've been following along with these posts, but haven't clicked through to see the comments, you're missing half of the action! In addition to the thoughts and suggestions of other folks, it seems we have a poster in our midst who simply goes by "Anonymous". Anonymous posts comments giving some direction to people's search for solution to this puzzle.

Who is Anonymous? Dunno. Is he really the game master or some sadistic reader? Couldn't say. Here are Anonymous contributions so far, from least recent to most:

  • In reaction to our thread trying to understand the meaning of squalloopi, s/he writes:
Anonymous Anonymous
you dont want to know what it means
  • After Sara did a bang up job trying to substitute numbers for the letters in squalloopi, attempting to get a phone number, Anonymous simply replies:
Anonymous Anonymous

  • When Jgonso did further analysis of the Prisoner's Dillemma angle, and suggested we look more into the tracking information from the UPS label, Anonymous confirmed:

Anonymous Anonymous
hes on to something

OK troop - marinate on all that for a minute and leave me some comments with ideas of how to proceed.


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