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Lego Architecture - Creativity meets the classics

With the imminent arrival of le bébé, I've been thinking a lot about the toys I had as a child. I attribute a lot of how my mind works to the types of toys I played with, particularly between the ages of 8 to 12.

I was into intricate paper models - each having hundreds of individual pieces to be cut and put precisely in place.

Video game-play was rampant in my house. My brothers and I followed the natural evolution of Pong -> Atari2600 -> Intellivision -> Colecovision -> Nintendo Entertainment System. Natch.

And of course, I would devour Lego sets.

I owe a lot to those little Lego pieces. The step-by-step instructions sharpened my mind as I learned how to incrementally build objects. The steps were always implied in the graphics, making the placement of each piece a puzzle to be solved. And then there was the joy of throwing the instructions in the corner and creating new and exciting items with just my imagination as a guide.

But even though I'm all growns up now, it looks like Lego has grown up with me.

Today I read that Lego is set to release an Architecture series and that Frank Lloyd Wright will officially be part of the collection! This image showcasing the box top for Wright's Falling Water leaves me drooling (remember the Stupidfresh post about the Virtual Falling Water?).

I can't wait to buy some of these kits for myself my child, and pass along the gifts of creativity and the classics.

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